Single photon counting camera

Photon counting it the only way to get as much information brought by light as it’s physically possible. Here we present the system allowing detecting not only arrival time of individual photons but also a position as straightforward as camera. Standing on the shoulders of night vision technology L&TCam allows to extend any simple wide-field microscope to the powerful fluorescence lifetime imaging system.


Low light imaging of cell populations

By analyzing NADH autofluorescence with these detectors we could show that metabolic oscillations are a basic mechanism for synchronization and self organization of cell populations.

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Early signaling events in T-Cells

FLIM/FRET analysis of conformational changes of the lymphocyte-specific Src-family tyrosine kinase p56Lck following T-cell receptor activation. Using a Lck-biosensor we showed for the first time that a sub-fraction of Lck undergoes a temporary conformational change after stimulation with CD3 mAbs or superantigen-loaded APC. Importantly, the conformational change correlates with a change of the enzymatic activity of Lck.

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Key specifications

Active areaØ 25mm
Positional resolution~ 1000 × 1000 pixels
Time resolution< 50 ps FWHM
Maximal registration rate> 500 KHz
Dead time< 400 ns
Arrival time resolution10 ns

Awards and Honors

In 2013 our team received the  Hugo Junkers prize  for innovation in the category fundamental research. In 2014 the single photon counting camera project was awarded the IQ Innovation prize  Mitteldeutschland  in silver.


We are proud to be a part of Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology in Magdeburg providing the best scientific environment. Additionally, our work was supported by BMBF Novel Optics, FKZ 13N10077; BMBF Biophotonic V, FKZ 13N12675; BMBF Research Campus STIMULATE, FKZ: 03FO16101C; DFG SFB 854 TPZ; DFG FOR 521 HA-3498/1-3.


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