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We are proud to announce the latest additions to our lineup. Dive into the forefront of single-photon-counting with LINTag time-tagger and LINPix Embrace unmatched precision and performance in your research and applications.

LINTag time-tagger

Delivers astounding throughput of 400 MTags/s


Counts photons at rates up to 100 MHz and beyond.


Resolve photons spatially and temporarily at the same time

The solution for scanning-free time correlated single photon counting with megapixel positional resolution combined with 40 ps temporal accuracy.

Uncovering LINCam

A comprehensive comparison study of wide-field and confocal approaches for single molecule localization microscopy has been published recently. The authors exploit lifetime as a marker to differentiate several chromophores. Surprisingly, LINCam even with a lower quantum efficiency outperforms the confocal method in number of acquired photons per molecule in addition to outstanding signal-to-noise ratio and excellent lifetime accuracy.


MIET (Metal induced energy transfer)

Metal induced energy transfer (MIET) is a nanoscopy technique to measure distances from fluorescent molecules to a metal film. Here we present MIET acquisition using wide-field and TIRF fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy (FLIM) equipped with LINCam.

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FLIM (Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging)

Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging (FLIM) is a technique which uses the separation of different fluorescence decay times of fluorohpores to create an image contrast other than intensity in classical imaging.

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About Photonscore

In more than 10 years the of work, the LINCam was developed at the imaging core facility of the Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology in Magdeburg. In 2017, the original Developers Dr.-Ing. Werner Zuschratter, Dr.-Ing. Yury Prokazov and Evgeny Turbin founded the spin-off company Photonscore to further develop this novel quantum light sensor and make it commercial available to various labs, institutes and companies.

The founders of Photonscore GmbH
Werner Zuschratter, Yury Prokazov, Evgeny Turbin


Wiley Analytical Science Award 2024

Wiley Analytical Science Award 2024

The LINCam was awarded the 2nd Price in the Wiley Analytical Science Award in 2024, 

Finalists of the German Innovation Price 2019

Finalist German innovation award 2019

2019, the jury for the German Innovation award selected Photonscore’s quantum detector among the 3 finalists in the start-up category.

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