Single-Molecule Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Using Wide-Field and Confocal-Laser Scanning Microscopy: A Comparative Analysis

A comprehensive comparison study of wide-field and confocal approaches for single molecule localization microscopy has been published recently. The authors exploit lifetime as a marker to differentiate several chromophores. Surprisingly, LINCam even with a lower quantum efficiency outperforms the confocal method in number of acquired photons per molecule in addition to outstanding signal-to-noise ratio and excellent lifetime accuracy.

Measurement induced entanglement of stored ions

Trapped calcium ions in a segmented Paul trap

Stored ions are typical examples for single photon sources that show an antibunched emission statistics. However if two stored ions are brought in an entangled state by simply measuring, interesting phenomena occur.

Spinning Disc

Confocal superresolution FLIM microscopy with a spinning disk unit

MIET (Metal induced energy transfer)

Metal induced energy transfer (MIET) is a nanoscopy technique to measure distances from fluorescent molecules to a metal film. Here we present MIET acquisition using wide-field and TIRF fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy (FLIM) equipped with LINCam.