Software engineer

Hi! My name is Yury Prokazov. I do programming at Photonscore GmbH. By programming I mean developing and testing the code that lets the things run starting from state machines inside FPGAs supporting our hardware and ending by the images and movies on the computer screen.

We are looking for a person who would like to join our team and take part of my duties as a software developer. As you might notice from our website, we do single photon counting and various of applications of this technique. At the moment we are working on the new GUI for our acquisition and analysis software package. This software shall provide human and programming interfaces to the acquisition system, control the hardware, plot various things during the acquisition as well as offline from the disk. The current software looks like this:

We will make it much better.

The position is open now to start long-term collaboration with you. If you are looking for “Diplomarbeit” to be carried out in a field of physics, computer science or electrical engineering it might sound like a good starting point.

Minimal skills: C++, TypeScript. Tools we use: git, bazel, Linux.

Would be plus: Verilog for FPGA development; Python and/or MATLAB for data analysis; knowledge of statistics.

Please feel free sharing your story and skills with me at